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Smart & Fast Magic Decanter Set


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Using pollution-free lead-free crystal glass materials. Exquisite cooling and polishing process creates a sense of transparency for the pouring cup body. Refreshing sensation at your fingertips that fully expresses the deliciousness of the wine you have selected. This clever accessory let you enjoy your wine from the very first sip! All of the taste, none of the wait! Easy to use! Simply hold the magic decanter over a glass and pour wine through! It’s that fast & that easy!

Material: Fine crystal glass

Cleaning method: Hand washing is always the safest bet when dealing with delicate glass or gadgets, but a number of decanters can be cleaned safely in the dishwasher. Hand washing a decanter is fairly laborious, so we’ve given extra “points” to dishwasher-safe options here. Aerators are generally a hand-wash affair, but we found a dishwasher-safe option too.


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